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The articles in this blog are provided for the benefit of our clients. Any mention of specific investments is not an offer for investment. Portfolio commentary discusses positions and actions widely, but not universally affecting client portfolios. Even if these positions and actions do not reflect each client's unique portfolio, a discussion will, at a minimum, provide insight to the approaches we employ. Information about investments may change, and Buttonwood maintains no duty to update readers about the positions taken in these articles. If you have further questions about this writing, please call our office at 410-988-2391.

When a Buyer Meets a Seller Thumbnail

When a Buyer Meets a Seller

To understand how prices can either skyrocket or plummet overnight, you must recognize that it is always the most eager buyer and most desperate seller that meet in the middle and form a market.

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The Power of Tax-Free Growth Thumbnail

The Power of Tax-Free Growth

Consider a young professional who contributes the maximum $6,000 annually for just 10 years... If our hero achieves an eight percent average annual return on their cumulative investment ($500 a month for 10 years), they would amass over $1,285,000 by age 67… Tax free!

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EXPEDITION S&P 500 Thumbnail


"...our investment philosophy incorporates many aspects designed to survive the setbacks and enjoy the bursts of real wealth creation that happen between all these drop and recovery periods."

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